New blog

Just about anyone who's reading this is already a bit familiar with me, but just in case you've never heard of me...Hi. I'm Nick. Online, I'm mostly known as Y Ruler of Time, which is a stupid name I came up with when I was a dumb teenager, but for whatever reason I've stuck with it. Probably because I'm too lazy to change the name in all the places I use it. I make a video series called Read Right to Left which is focused on talking about manga, and I put all the videos on another blog, but I wanted a place to put up stuff that's not directly related to that content and that'd be inconvenient to post to Twitter. In other words, this is an actual blog, the other one is where I like to direct people to watch my stuff. You know, when they're not already watching it on Blip or ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com.

I have a lot of unrelated interests, so brace yourself for random neck-snapping topic changes between posts. I can also be incredibly wordy when I want to be. Beware the hidden depths that await you beneath the Read More button.